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You can now lose weight without giving up the yummy and tasty foods you love!!! All the answers are contained and clearly explained in Eating Your Way to Fitness Report.
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Other weight loss and dieting programs make you sacrifice the quantity and quality of foods you eat for short-term weight loss!

By learning the techniques from "Eating Your Way to Fitness"  you can lose weight permanently using a scientific approach:
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Foods that Increase Body Fat Foods that Increase Body Fat
To better learn what foods you should eat, it is best to learn first what you should not eat!
Knowing the various food types you should not eat better prepares you to more likely make the correct choice in eating foods that are healthier. Foods that contribute to the body’s storage of fat have certain properties in common among all of them. They all have high calorie content and high calorie density per unit of volume; they also contain inordinate amounts of refined sugar, sodium, fat, including saturated and trans fats.

They also contain flavor enhancers, fillers, artificial colors and flavors and are normally low in nutritional value or have negative nutritional value because the human body stores unburned calories as fat.
Foods that Decrease Body Fat Foods that Decrease Body Fat

Most of us have no idea that there are foods we can eat to help us decrease body fat!
By gaining specific knowledge on what these foods are, you will be able to strategically plan and correctly choose meals that do not get stored as fat but helps you burn body fat faster and feel satiated at the same time.

By making certain that your daily diet consist of foods that decrease fat, you will certainly realize your goal of a healthier and leaner body, have more time to be productive in your personal and professional life and enjoy quality time with your family.
It's all a Matter of Making the Right Choices It's all a Matter of Making the Right Choices

YOU may not be aware of it but the human body regenerates itself at the rate of 50,000 cells per second automatically! A continuous replacement of the body’s old and dying cells takes place without any interference from us. On its own, the human body continually replaces old cells and gets the raw material for new cell construction from the foods we eat.

We are therefore the physical representation of the various types of food we have eaten over the years. 
If you eat unhealthy, fatty foods it is only logical that you will also have an unhealthy and fat body! However, if your food choice is more of the lean, high grade food variety you will also surely have a leaner, muscular, stronger, healthier and more energetic body.
Yummy Tasty Recipes for Health Yummy Tasty Recipes for Health
Most people have the misconception that going on a healthy diet requires a lot of sacrifice!

This is partly true because you must have discipline and strength of character in order to maintain a healthy body and lose fat permanently.
However, it does not mean that all the foods you will eat are bland and taste like paper.

Here are some samplings of yummy, tasty recipes that will make anyone go on a diet without any second thoughts!
Carbohydrates and Our Body Carbohydrates and Our Body
PROTEINS that we eat are the building blocks of our cells (muscles, bones, skin, etcetera) while the carbohydrates are the body’s primary source of fuel and energy. Although the human body uses fats as an alternative energy source, fats are not burned by the body as efficiently as carbohydrates. Any individual’s energy level and performance ultimately declines when the body’s supply of complex carbohydrates are lessened considerably.

When an individual performs low intensity and long duration exercises, the body uses up body fat for energy; however, during high intensity exercises, the body turns to carbohydrate (glycogen) as the main fuel source of choice.
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